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Weird Habits of US Presidents

Look through some weird habits of famous people.

1. Herbert Hoover — Hooverball

A White House physician invented a game specifically for the 31st US president. It was actually more of a workout to support Hoover's physical fitness than a sport. The activity involved throwing a weighted medicine ball over a net. It was a great addition to the president's exercise routine that involved walking, horseback riding, and swimming.

2. Abraham Lincoln — Wrestling

Despite having the reputation of being a calm and kindly person, Abe Lincoln was also a wrestler – quite a famous one. He only suffered one defeat in more than 300 matches during his younger years. He was also known for trash-talking his opponents, which is a quirky mini-habit in its own right.

3. John Quincy Adams — Taking care
of an exotic pet

You're probably familiar with presidents' love for their pets. Bill Clinton's cat Socks was even portrayed on the first-ever White House website. But John Quincy Adams went even further than keeping a dog or a cat around the office. The sixth president got a full-grown alligator as a gift from a French officer and kept the animal in the White House bathtub, gladly showing off the gator to his guests. By the way, John Quincy Adams also enjoyed swimming fully naked in the river every morning, one of the activities he meticulously noted in his journal. What a habit builder!
a woman ran a marathon as an example how it's important to stop being lazy

4. Ronald Reagan — Day planning…
according to astrologists

After an assassination attempt in 1981, America's 40th president and his wife both started planning their entire schedule according to astrology charts compiled specifically for them. As rumor has it, even the take-off and landing times of Air Force One were adjusted to fit these predictions.

5. Calvin Coolidge — Uhm… healthy morning routine?

Apparently, the 30th president enjoyed having petroleum jelly rubbed all over his head every morning while he was having breakfast. Witnesses stated he believed it was good for his health. We can't recommend this one, but it's a quirky habit indeed.
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