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Boost Productivity Without Stress

How do I get a lot done while still enjoying my life? Many people are looking for instructions to accomplish this in articles about productivity. Luckily, you can make your work process simpler and more efficient using some uncomplicated tricks.

1. Set goals for a week

Thanks to this habit, you will be aware of all of your tasks at the beginning of the week and won't have to worry that you're missing anything essential.
You also can try a method used by famous investor Warren Buffett. At the start of every week, write down 25 of your work goals. Then, highlight 5 of them from this list. Focus on these most-important goals and cross out the other 20. They'll come up later on their own if they're important.

2. Block distractions

If you want to work hard but spend a lot of time on social media, log out from your accounts or leave your devices charging in another room. In other words, remove unnecessary triggers from your environment and create positive cues around you.

3. Set up your deep work zones

Experiment with your schedule to discover when during the day your mind works most efficiently. Set aside these times for "deep work." Focus on your most important tasks, and work without any distractions. You'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in a couple of hours.
a woman ran a marathon as an example how it's important to stop being lazy

4. Separate different types of time

Schedule different types of time for different activities. Particular kinds of tasks require specific types of focus and attention. Like oil and water, tasks that require different modes of work are challenging to combine. Stay focused on one activity at a time to maintain the right direction, avoid multitasking, and reduce stress.

5. Turn off work when you're done

Your mind needs to reboot regularly; otherwise, it won't be able to work effectively. When you're finished for the day, try to stop thinking about work-related tasks. Switch into relaxation mode and reward yourself when you deserve it.
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