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10 Tricks to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is not only a trendy word, but it's a huge problem for a huge amount of people. To prevent or beat procrastination in the future, try using the following hacks.

1. Get up and move

Get moving and start your day as soon as possible after waking up. Get dressed and start working on your goals right away instead of lounging around.

2. Move toward success in small steps

While it's good to get moving early, you don't need to conquer the world at the very beginning of the day. Divide your work into small and simple tasks, and tackle your to-do list bit by bit.

3. Stop doing anything

If the previous tips don't work for you, try to outsmart your mind by… doing nothing. We're not joking: take a pause, sit down, and stop ALL your activities. Just look at the wall or ceiling. You'll probably get quickly bored and want to do anything else.

4. Set deadlines

Create a realistic to-do list with specific deadlines for each task. Specific tasks with allocated times will probably simplify your daily routine because you can see the whole picture. This keeps you from missing deadlines or tasks because you forget or underestimate your workload.

5. Create a supportive environment

Everything around you — people, location, situations, emotions, equipment — can help you work (un)productively. To make your environment work for you, gather up the items you need and remove all distractions (devices with social media, TV, etc.).

6. Keep it simple

Accept that nothing is perfect, and that you might be waiting a long time if you wait for inspiration or motivation to strike. Keep it simple, and start right now. Inspiration will soon follow.

7. Avoid multitasking

If you have a lot to do, it's easy to get flustered by worrying if you'll have time for everything. But multitasking usually isn't the answer. On the contrary, it can make you even more flustered, and you may start procrastinating as a result. So focus on one thing at a time, mark your tasks as completed as you go, and you'll feel more inspired and satisfied with your work.

8. Use the 10-minute rule

The 10-minute rule is a potent trick to get yourself to do anything. If a task looks impossible, do it just for 10 minutes. It's a simple trick, and you'll be more likely to complete the task once you get started.

9. Hang out with those who motivate you

Communicate with active and positive people who share your interests or join relevant communities. Connections like these can motivate you to grow faster and reinforce your activity because they offer:
- Approval and praise
- A sense of responsibility for your actions
- Positive experience and energy

10. Bet on it

If you love challenges and competitions, you can use this quality to motivate yourself to form habits. Make a deal with your friend, coworker, or family member. Here's an example: If I run for 20 minutes every morning for a month, my friend will pay for my gas the whole next month. If I don't, then I will do the same for them.
Even if you're an experienced procrastinator, you're certainly not alone. But you can overwhelm this problem. We hope this article will help.
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