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Organize Work to Get Things Done

Seventy-two hours a day — sometimes it seems that it's minimal time we need to do everything planned. But since we have three times less, we have to act three times more organized and productive.

1. Create a working to-do list

Practical to-do lists are not a set of chaotic tasks, but well-planned documents that itemize what you need to and when to do it. Schedules like these give you a chance to clarify and simplify your daily routine and increase your productivity. Write down details for each item (time, location, tools, etc.), note the urgent and vital tasks first, and be sure you schedule in breaks.

2. Set up your workspace

If you want to boost your productivity, create a supportive environment. Remove distractions and leave essentials within reach; for example, your laptop with its charger, your to-do list, water, and a snack. In other words, remove unnecessary triggers from your environment and create positive cues around you.

3. Set up yourself

To get in the mood to work, you need to feel good, stay fresh, well rested, and well fed. So take care of your productivity in advance:
  • Go to bed early
  • Have a filling breakfast
  • Do light exercise to boost your energy
a woman ran a marathon as an example how it's important to stop being lazy

4. Sit up straight

To work efficiently, your brain needs adequate oxygen. When you sit hunched over, your lungs are compressed by your diaphragm. This makes deep breathing harder. Sit up straight or use a standing desk to help oxygen get to your brain more easily.

5. Do tasks from most complex to simplest

This rule almost always works. Difficult tasks are easier with a fresh mind, and you can do your simple to-dos at the end of the day, transitioning into a well-deserved rest. But there are two cases when it is better to break this rule and start your day with other duties:

  1. You have a task with a strict deadline coming up soon. If you do, it's better to start your day by completing this job first.
  2. You feel too lazy to do anything at all, and you are prone to procrastination if you have a difficult task ahead of you. In this case, choose the most fascinating or simplest task to start your day. It's better to do something simple than nothing at all. When you can finally check off the first item on your to-do list, you will become more motivated to start the next one.
In pursuit of high productivity and effective work, remember to reward yourself for your effort and take a rest whenever you can. Regularly unplugging is vital to your mental and physical health and productivity as well.
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