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How to Become More Confident?

Self-confidence is a powerful instrument everyone of us needs in our daily life. To build strong and sustainable confidence, you need to make some efforts. Read what you can do to boost your confidence with ease and pleasure.
"Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual."
— Aristotle
Building confidence is an individual process. It requires consistency and hard work. But here is the good news: you have already taken your first step of the process by actively searching for ways and deliberately making a decision to work on it. Keep reading for simple techniques to boost your confidence.

Love yourself
Self-hatred is one of the biggest causes of pathologies in the modern world. With the advancement in social networking and virtual relationships, everyone has forged personas for the sake of socialization. Which is most definitely not the same as the real self. Following this trend, people fall into the trap of becoming someone who they aren't. People forge a personality which is most suitable for the online presence, but forget who they are in real life. Having to keep up with this facade causes insecurities when it comes to interacting in real life. Therefore, it is important to preserve your true identity. Self-acceptance and unconditional positive regard are the initial steps in building confidence.
    Be Prepared
    Have you ever failed at carrying a conversation? Most of us have. This can be a big confidence breaker. When we are good at conversing, it automatically boosts our confidence. So, how can we do it? Simple answer: be prepared. And how to be prepared? Here are a few simple things you can do which will help you in carrying a conversation like a pro:

    • Practice your conversations
    • Watch news
    • Research facts
    • Practice self-talk
    • Know your topic of interest

    Whatever you plan on saying is going to come off insignificant and unnatural if you aren't prepared well. Consequently, it shatters confidence. Start working on your communication skills and it will help a lot with confidence building later down the road.
    Find your support system
    Having the right support system who pushes you to achieve great things is an underrated blessing. This is our built-in neurological capacity to find people like our own and build our tribes. From an evolutionary perspective, tribes used to protect their people at any cost. However, as time passed by, the concept of "separate self" started to gain popularity. People started to care more for personal benefits rather than society's benefits. It is important to get rid of such people who give off a negative vibe and don't resonate with your energy. While searching for people who don't hesitate to give you a helping hand in the time of need. This whole idea of a separate self is nothing more than a toxic lie promoting mental health pathologies including low confidence.
    Know your potentials
    According to Erik Erikson's 8 stages of psychosocial development, adolescents go through the dilemma of Identity vs. Role Confusion. They often are confused regarding their true identities which in turn fosters low self-esteem and low confidence. It won't be considered wrong to say that it is a part of the developmental process. But, it is also crucial to fight these conflicts and know your identity. Every person has some strengths that he can use to his benefits. Identifying your potentials helps in boosting confidence and eliminating unnecessary insecurities regarding your true identity. A great way to find your strengths is to take the VIA Strength Test. It is developed by Dr. Christopher Peterson. This test lets you know your strengths which you can use to your advantage in the longer run.

    Building confidence requires conscious effort. Along with these simple steps, you can practice meditation and positive self-affirmations to break the shackles of negativity and begin your journey towards a healthy, positive, and confident life.

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